In Bellmore-Merrick, summer safety day a success at Kennedy High School

John F. Kennedy High School students are ready to hit the road as the academic year ends — and the Students Against Destructive Decisions club aims to make sure they start the summer knowing how to drive safely.

Congestion pricing on pause, for now; Town of Hempstead officials react to governor’s decision

Town of Hempstead officials claimed victory last week after Gov. Kathy Hochul put an indefinite pause on a congestion-pricing plan that was set to go into effect on June 30.

In 5th State Senate District, yarn and blanket drive sees incredible success

In a recent yarn and blanket drive, the office of State Sen. Steve Rhoads and We Care Blankets collected an incredible 407,277 yards of yarn and 225 handmade blankets, which equates to 231 miles or over 4,070 football fields of yarn.


Finding our side of paradise

As a member of Gen Z, I know as well as anyone how the world views people my age.


Blakeman enthusiastically follows Trump’s lead

The political similarities between former President Donald Trump and Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman are now impossible to miss. Which is probably just what Blakeman intends.