Brownie Girl Scouts color with kindness at Watson Elementary School


Floyd B. Watson Elementary School’s Brownie Girl Scout troops came together on May 30 to complete a “Color Our World With Kindness” project.

About 40 girls from four different troops sat together, mingled with friends and students in other grades and colored in pages with positive messages, such as “You’re awesome,” “Where there is rain, look for rainbows,” “Be good to someone” and “Be kind to yourself.” Then, they attached all the pages and lined the walls of Watson’s gymnasium with colorful kindness.

“They were truly excited about it,” said troop leader Bianca Macaluso, “and what was great is that it wasn’t just the second grade. We mixed them up, and they sat with each other so they could talk when they colored.”

Before coloring, the girls sat in a circle and learned about why being kind matters. Then, they signed a “Color Our World With Kindness” banner and pledged to spread positivity.

“Simple, kind things can help people one way or another,” said Kim McGuigan, whose second-grade daughter, Carter Rose, is in Troop No. 863 and participated in the event. “Actions and words can make a difference, and you may not even know it.”

Macaluso hopes the initiative will spread beyond the Girl Scouts, she said. Leftover coloring pages remained at Watson for other students to color and add to the walls.

“We want this to be the beginning of a movement,” she said. “The principal was so supportive of this decision, and we are hoping that in the future we can expand to the middle and high schools.”