Cornering the Market

Marketing wholesome foods at good value


Keneret Fresh Market

Under VAAD of Five Towns

1274 Peninsula Blvd., Hewlett

(516) 837-8377

Residents of the Five Towns and surrounding South Shore communities have been known to travel to Brooklyn and Queens for affordable pricing on healthy kosher groceries. Keneret Fresh Market, which opened in Hewlett in September, promises to bring similar great value, locally.

Yelena Gadayeva and Roshel Nisimov launched Keneret Fresh Market with several thoughts in mind. Life can be expensive and that fact should not keep families from enjoying a healthier, wholesome diet. While their store follows strict Jewish laws, they want to be a resource for everyone.

Keneret Fresh Market features Beit Yosef meat, prepared with strict guidelines and close supervision making it a healthier choice for all people. There is an open space glatt kosher butcher shop where customers can choose their own cuts. Ground meat is prepared on site as well. Under VAAD of Five Towns, the store employs a Mashgiach Temidi, a supervising rabbi who is on the premises at all times of production and operation.

 A wide selection of new fruits and vegetables arrive almost daily, meeting the high community standards, which adhere to strict guidelines of cleanliness. Fruit platters are available. Dairy products and beverages are plentiful, as are smoked fish in many varieties. They carry Russian delicacies like caviar, and there’s an endless array of Israeli candies, cookies, condiments, canned goods and cleaning products, plus items from Canada. The baked goods are unique, particularly the breads from Central Asia.

 Working individuals pressed for time are encouraged to call in their order for curbside pick-up. Parking is plentiful. Hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. They are closed on Saturday.

 Owners of Keneret would like to give back to the community. They have been reaching out to synagogues in the area, in an effort to provide food to those in dire need. They also donate fruits and vegetables to the local JCC food pantries.