Student artists shine at library exhibition


Rockville Centre schools invited parents, students, and the community to the grand opening of a new K-12 student art exhibition on Monday, May 1.

“First of all, I am delighted with the turnout,” Brian Zuar, arts director of the Rockville Centre school district said during the opening reception. “People are excited. I’m delighted with the kids and the exhibits. And I got great teachers.”

The exhibit is a collaborative effort between the village, the schools, and the library to celebrate the creativity of local students through a variety of different exhibits orchestrated by teachers with the district’s art program.

“It’s a great community partnership,” Donna Downing, vice president of the Rockville Centre school board, said.

The exhibition features two floors filled with student artwork, each of which features different artistic styles including paintings, drawings, collages, op-art, photography, digital design, self-portraits, and landscapes.

“I love it,” Kathy Baxley, deputy mayor of Rockville Centre, said. “The kids are so excited. The teachers are excited. The adults are excited. I mean how great is that? And all of the artwork is gorgeous.”

RVC Board of Education Trustee Tara Hackett echoed the sentiment, stating that the exhibition of student artists and their work was “impressive.”

“These are our students,” Hackett said. “These are the people we are producing. We’re so very proud of them.”

For those who weren’t able to attend the opening reception last Monday, the student art exhibit will be at the RVC Public Library and open to the public throughout the month of May.