The George offers something new for Rockville Centre


Some major changes are underway in the Rockville Centre business community.

The George Martin Burger Bar has officially closed after 11 years at its N. Long Beach Road location, making way for an entirely new dining experience from the George Martin Group.

“We had a great run,” George Korten, owner and restaurateur, said. “It was time for a change. Collectively we decided to go in a new direction.”

Korten, president of the George Martin Group, currently owns and operates six restaurants across Long Island, including George Martin The Original, a staple in the community since it opened in 1989.

“Covid hit and we kind of got a little stale and flat,” Korten explained. “Then inflation hit and we were diluted by many burger concepts (that came in) after us.”

Like many restaurants, the pandemic and rising cost of inflation were an issue. During the time many businesses relied on takeout service, due to restrictions requiring businesses to limit capacity to 50 percent.

This, along with the addition of new burger franchises, created new challenges for the establishment.

“As areas change, the need for certain types of restaurants change,” Korten said. “We want to welcome a lot of people back who miss the burger bar and attract a lot of new people to the area from out of town.”

His new restaurant, simply named, “The George,” appeals to a much larger audience, with it’s a la carte style menu and more comfortable, yet clubby aesthetic which Korten said is a tip of the hat to the classic English and Irish pubs mixed with the appeal of a historic American roadhouse. 

“The atmosphere is both casual and informal as well as mature,” Korten said. “It is the place for great comfort food with a twist, a lively tavern crowd, and a great evening. It will quickly become your favorite place to regularly meet up with friends or to share special occasions.”

The menu includes a variety of pub-style favorites with a more eclectic twist, such as the buffalo deviled eggs, wagyu pigs in a blanket, and shepherd’s pie potato skins to name a few.

“The food is unique because of the pricing,” Korten said. “Half of the entrees are served a la carte and you can pick from a variety of different side dishes.”

While it is more affordable than a restaurant like George Martin The Original, which is a more sophisticated and expensive fine dining experience, it maintains the same quality of cuisine, only presented in a more different ambiance.

Reservations can be made over the phone at (516)-208-6100 or online via OpenTable. For more information visit