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Village of Rockville Centre adopts its 2021 budget

Revenue drops $1.4 million due to Covid-19 pandemic


The Village of Rockville Centre’s Board of Trustees adopted a $46.6 million budget for the 2021 fiscal year on April 30.

The spending plan reflects about a $300,000 increase from the 2020 fiscal year with about a $1.4 million drop in estimated revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic. The tax levy, or total revenue collected from property taxes, has increased by 2.3 percent.

“Holding the line of taxes has been a priority of this administration,” said village spokeswoman Julie Scully in an email to the Herald.

She added that pandemic-related revenue source reductions include parking meter fees, court revenues, recreation fees, building permit fees and state aid.

However, “the village implemented prudent fiscal practices so as not to negatively impact residents and businesses and reduced expenses where possible,” Scully said.

The budget makes use of a $1,675,000 fund balance, which the village has secured through federal, state and local grants.

“Much of the money has been used to improve roadways, parks and services for seniors,” Scully said. “In addition, grants have been obtained to help the Police and Fire Departments utilize state-of-the-art equipment to keep residents safe.”

Funds allocated for parks, recreation, the Sandel Center and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Center have increased in the 2021 budget. The budget allots about $800,000 for parks, $1.7 million for recreation, $670,000 for senior services and $340,000 for the MLK Center.

The village has also secured a separate $1 million grant from the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York to renovate Tighe Field. “This administration will continue to look for ways to reduce costs and bring in additional revenue to the village,” Scully said, “including being aggressive in pursuing grant money, private and public partnerships and gifts to make improvements at little expense to our residents.”

Other expenses in the 2021 village budget include $10.1 million for the police department, $1.1 million for street maintenance and about $940,000 for the fire department.

Residents can view the full 2021 village budget by visiting rvcny.gov.