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Village of Rockville Centre launches 2020 tree program


The Village of Rockville Centre is now accepting order forms for trees to be planted in residential areas. Trees are $250 for the tree only or $350 for the tree with planting.

Residents can fill out and submit an order form now through Sept. 11. Trees will be delivered and planted in late November through early December. While the village can only plant trees on the strip between the sidewalk and the curb, residents are welcome to purchase trees, which will be delivered directly to the home, to be planted elsewhere on the property.

All trees are guaranteed for one year. If a purchased tree dies within a year, it will be replaced with a new tree for free. After the first year, the homeowner is responsible for all maintenance of the trees.

In fall of 2019, funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, ArborPro an Urban Forest Management Company, completed a tree inventory of the village’s park and curbside trees. About 92 percent of the village trees were observed to be in fair or better condition. The village will contact homeowners with poor or dead trees that were recommended for removal.

“A healthy urban forest is essential to maintaining the character of the village and benefits the environment as well as property values,” village officials wrote on an FAQ page about the tree planting initiative. “Planting new trees will help ensure that the village has a healthy urban canopy for years to come.”

The inventory showed that Rockville Centre has an overabundance of Norway Maple and ornamental pear trees, which leaves the village trees susceptible to future outbreaks of insects and diseases. It is recommended that planting of these types of trees be discontinued.

Suggested small to medium trees for new plantings include Canada Red Select Cherry, Plum, Hornbeam, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood and Japanese Tree Lilac. Suggested large trees for new plantings (not recommended for curb strips) include Horsechestnut, Black Alder, Northern Catalpa and Gingko.

The village offers trees that are 2 to 2 ½” in diameter. Once planted, tree maintenance, including mulching, watering and pruning, is very important. The online order form details proper tree care.

To obtain a tree order form, visit rvcny.gov.

Courtesy Village of Rockville Centre; compiled by Briana Bonfiglio.