A walk in the park to help those in need


Last Sunday, The Huntington’s Disease Society of America’s northeast region hosted the Team Hope Walk at Wantagh Park. The event is the organization’s largest grassroots fundraising event, which takes place in over 100 cities across the country. Since its inception in 2007, the event has raised more than $27 million for Huntington’s disease.

At the park, friends, families, neighbors, and communities came together to support the organization’s mission to improve the lives of people affected by the disease.

“It is inspiring to see the incredible outpouring of support our Huntington’s disease community receives at our Team Hope walk event,” Melinda Jenson, the regional development officer of the organization’s northeast region, said.

Huntington’s disease is a fatal genetic disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain. According to the organization, there are around 41,000 Americans who are symptomatic, and more than 200,000 who are at risk of inheriting the disease.

“It is a welcoming space for new Huntington’s disease families to find community,” Jenson said of the event, “and all walkers leave the day with a renewed sense of motivation, determination, and courage to continue the fight against Huntington’s disease.”