Elmont school district passes $109.6M budget


The $109.6 million Elmont school district budget passed with 1,226 voters in favor and 413 voters against on May 21.

The Elmont budget will expand literacy programs and maintain current educational programs, class sizes, summer education and enrichment programs.

Lynette Battle, Dwayne Palmer and Trecia Wong were elected to Elmont education board receiving 795, 699 and 730 votes respectively.

There were six other challengers for education board on the ballot.

Kathleen Murtagh received 617 votes, Rashal Mahamud received 458 votes, incumbent and current board president Nancy Garlick received 466 votes, Fatima Bhalli received 510 votes, Aysha Akter received 571 votes and incumbent Tania Lawes received 465 votes for Elmont education board.

The Elmont Memorial Library budget passed with 1331 votes in favor and 288 votes against.

Elmont Memorial Library board incumbent and current vice president Natasha Warbuton-Welch retained her seat, receiving 979 votes. Her challenger, Saira Chaudry, received 638 votes.