Man arraigned for firearm trafficking in Freeport


Kim Lilly, a 45-year-old resident of Greenville, South Carolina, was arraigned on April 24 on a 59-count indictment for his alleged involvement in the illegal sale of nearly a dozen firearms, including rifles and pistols, between Aug. 2023 and Jan. 2024. The charges against Lilly allege that he conducted multiple illegal firearm sales in Freeport, including assault weapons and loaded pistols. The firearms were then trafficked to Nassau County.

Lilly was arrested while entering Nassau County in early April, allegedly carrying two additional firearms.

Following Lilly's arrest, a search of his vehicle led to the discovery of two loaded handguns, resulting in additional charges. His co-defendant, Tomeca Jeter, 49, also faced arraignment on related charges.

"This defendant allegedly made several trips up and down the I-95 corridor and trafficked dangerous illegal guns into Nassau County," said Nassau County District attorney Anne Donnelly. "When Kim Lilly was arrested on April 3rd, police executing a search warrant found another two handguns, one of which was defaced and hidden beneath the driver side floor mat of Lilly's car

Lilly faces multiple charges, including criminal sale and possession of firearms in various degrees. The indictment has potential penalties of up to 25 years in prison upon conviction.

Prior to living in South Carolina, Lily was a resident of Freeport. He was arrested on April 3 in Farmingdale. Following Lilly's arrest, two loaded handguns were recovered during a search warrant executed on his vehicle.

"The trafficking of illegal firearms is a major contributing factor to the epidemic of violent crime in our communities," said Thomas Kalogiros, assistant special agent in charge of the alcohol, Tobacco, firearms and explosives New York Field division. "This indictment underscores ATF's commitment to form partnerships and utilize crime gun intelligence to disrupt the flow of illegal guns. We thank our colleagues and commend the efforts of the ATF Joint Firearms Task Force, Hempstead PD, and Nassau County DA's Office."

Tomeca Jeter of South Carolina, who was in the vehicle when the additional weapons were found, was also arraigned. She is due back in court on May 23.

"The arrest and indictment of defendant Kim Lilly of South Carolina will inevitably keep our neighborhoods and communities safer as there will be a reduction in illegal firearms that are accessible," said Nassau County Police Department Commissioner Patrick Ryder. "This multi-jurisdictional investigation has shut down the illegal trafficking of dozens of firearms by this defendant. A great job by all of the dedicated investigators and their affiliated agencies."