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Five Towns Letter to the Editor

Hooray for the sanitation workers


To the Editor:

During this holiday season, let’s not forget to give a big thank-you to our sanitation workers.

They are our neighbors and also our heroes during this pandemic. They are often invisible, and too often subjected to conditions that expose them to the worst consequences of poor sanitation, debilitating infections and injuries in their daily work.

I have lived in Nassau County for 62 years, and admit that prior to the pandemic, I took our sanitation department (now Sanitary District 1) for granted. Everything was perfect, and I never gave it much thought. Shame on me!

When the pandemic hit, most of us stayed home to avoid catching the virus. I began walking around my neighborhood, which is something I rarely did before. While walking, I observed sanitation crews out there every day, keeping our neighborhoods clean, which prevented chaos and disease. Every day I watched and thought, can you imagine the mess we’d be in if these workers didn’t collect our garbage during this crisis?

Stay safe, and thank you for all you do.

Christopher McGrath