Jazz fest swings into hearts of attendees


In early September, the sounds of saxophones and pianos filled the air at a Jazz festival in Wantagh.

The event, “A Jazz Festival for the Ages”, featured a variety of skilled musicians performing at the St. Markella performance hall and festival grounds. From Sept. 2 to Sept. 4, attendees witnessed a jazz experience where music of New Orleans collided with the vibrant sounds of New York City. Robert Torme, a New Orleanian jazz veteran, founded the event.

“This festival came from a wish! A wish that the two most influential cities in my life could somehow meet: New Orleans and New York.” Torme said in a release.

The event featured performances by renowned saxophonist ChadLB, esteemed pianist Spike Wilner, and many more. Robert Torme also played onstage with his band, Jazzmatazz, a group that performs soulful melodies of New Orleans traditional jazz.

“This festival brings together some of the absolute best musicians in one location, Torme said in a release, “putting it all out there. This is an exciting time.”