Wantagh school budget passes


The Wantagh School District's $91.7 million budget for the 2024-25 academic year was approved on Tuesday, with voting held at Wantagh, Forest Lake, and Mandalay elementary schools.

Out of 1,835 voters, 1,390 said yes to the budget, which includes a 2.72% tax levy increase.

Superintendent John McNamara highlighted the budget's focus on three primary goals identified through community feedback: reducing class sizes, enhancing security, and completing capital improvements.

For security enhancements, the district plans to upgrade camera and lockdown management systems, improve public address systems at elementary schools, and increase security personnel. McNamara explained that this is part of a three-year plan to bolster security infrastructure.

Capital projects included in the budget will see significant improvements across the district. These include replacing hallway ceilings, speakers, and smoke detectors at the high school, upgrading auditorium lighting and sound systems, and renovating floors and wall pads in the middle school gym. Additionally, other buildings will benefit from new floors, doors, and fencing.

Voters also approved two additional propositions. The first authorizes the use of approximately $1.2 million from the district’s capital reserve to upgrade P.A. and communication systems district-wide, replacing outdated analog systems. The second proposition establishes a new $10 million capital reserve fund for 15 years, designated for future repairs, renovations, additions, and improvements throughout the district.

Incumbent Anthony Greco received 1,402 votes and was re-elected to a 3-year term on the Board of Education.

The results of the Wantagh budget vote are as follows: the budget passed with 1,390 voters saying yes, 1,423 voters said yes to Proposition 2, and 1, 389 voters said yes to Proposition 3.

In addition, Levittown Public School’s budget of around $261.6 million passed Tuesday night with 1,345 voters saying yes to approve it. As for the Board of Education results, two seats were open and won by incumbents James Moran and Marianne Adrian. Moran received 1,192 votes and Adrian earned 1,207. Challenger Steve Belmonte received 823 votes.