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Volunteers contribute to annual Souper Scavenger Hunt in Malverne


Volunteers at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Malverne were committed to holding their annual Souper Scavenger Hunt. While the event was altered and delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the group held their event at the church last month.

“It was a different format this year, but we were excited about the fact that we were finally able to do it,” said OLL coordinator Linda Baldacchino. “We were able to keep the kids involved and still get the food that’s needed for the pantry.”

The group held an alternative food drive in March support families during the lockdown. Baldacchino said that the timing for the Souper Scavenger Hunt, however, was perfect.

“I think that people are aware that of the fact that the needs are greater at this time,” Baldacchino said, “and there’s been so many people that have rallied together.”