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Gov. Kathy Hochul ditches New York City congestion pricing plan last-minute, explained.

Gov. Kathy Hochul is putting the brakes on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's controversial congestion pricing system plan more than three weeks before the June 30 start date.

Valley Stream Latest Happenings

See Valley Stream scouts turn the Village Green into a Christmas-crazed Camporee

The Boy Scouts of America Valley Stream troops gathered on the Village Green this weekend for their 42nd Annual Valley Stream Camporee, during which scouts camped overnight and engaged in …

Valley Stream Education News

Valley Stream District 30 recognizes staff at board meeting

The Valley Stream District 30 Board of Education meeting on May 20 was marked by significant achievements and celebratory moments. The evening began with a delightful performance by the Shaw Avenue …

Valley Stream Latest Happenings

Meet the Valley Stream Central High School student violin prodigy with an eye for classical music

Before Valley Stream Central High School senior Tinatin Narimanidze discovered her brilliance with the violin, she was, as a girl, completely transfixed watching another girl and her bowstrings on …


New veteran banners adorn the Village of Valley Stream in time for Memorial Day

There’s no shortage of appreciation for veterans in the Village of Valley Stream, and the installation ceremony for the Veterans Banner program on May 17 was no exception. Village officials …

Herald Editorial

We are all champions

Nassau County, renowned for its championship teams and historic sporting events, truly shines through its young school athletes who exemplify teamwork and unite communities.


Saying goodbye to our beloved Holy Trinity

Two weeks ago, the Herald reported on the closing of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Unfortunately, due to deadlines, I didn’t have a chance to add my comments to the story. My family and I have …


This is the best part: All of summer lies ahead

These are the best days of summer, when everything is possible. Here, pinned to this spot in time, there are no rampaging wildfires, no floods, no hurricanes, no Covid surge, no family feuds. Yup, the dangerous possibilities all lie ahead.


Congestion pricing punishes commuters

In 2019, the Democratic majorities in the State Senate and Assembly passed the well-known Congestion Pricing Plan. At the time, every Long Island Senate Democrat voted in support of the proposal. The …