Community collab ensures winter warmth in Long Beach


Long Beach residents in need were provided with essential support during the winter season, thanks to the joint efforts of the National Grid Foundation and the United Way of Long Island’s Project Warmth Emergency Fuel Fund.

Over 1,900 households, including 1,362 children, received assistance, ensuring that families in Long Beach and across Long Island had access to heating resources during the colder months.

One resident of Long Beach expressed appreciation for the assistance received through Project Warmth during a difficult season.

Living with his grandmother and facing health issues, Carlos participated in a Project Warmth intake event organized in collaboration with the Long Beach Latino Civic Association.

“I am grateful to United Way, National Grid Foundation, and all who assisted my family during a difficult season,” he said. “You brought joy to many people’s hearts, including mine.”

Project Warmth, as Long Island’s sole island-wide non-governmental emergency heating fund, served as a safety net for individuals and families facing energy insecurity.

This inclusive program addressed the needs of those who may not qualify for government assistance programs, including seniors, veterans and families with young children, ensuring equitable support for all members of the community.

Eileen Cohen, Board Chair of the National Grid Foundation, emphasized the long-standing partnership between the National Grid Foundation and United Way of Long Island, highlighting their shared commitment to providing essential resources and fostering hope within communities.

“For 20 of its 25 years, National Grid Foundation has partnered with United Way of Long Island and supported its Project Warmth initiative,” Cohen said. “This year, we were especially thrilled to include a special donation which supplemented the Foundation’s ‘traditional’ annual heating fund grant to help celebrate the Foundation’s 25 years of service in our communities. It also highlights the core principle that United Way shares: giving people the tools they need to build hope as an essential ingredient in their development and building stronger communities.”

Theresa A. Regnante, president and CEO of United Way of Long Island, explained the significance of the National Grid Foundation’s support in ensuring that residents could heat their homes safely.

“Many hardworking families make financial trade-offs during the winter months. Assistance with an oil delivery, heat-related utility bill or other heating source, means people have room in their budgets to cover essentials like food or medication,” Regnante said.

“Because of National Grid Foundation’s extraordinary generosity, United Way was able to ensure that Long Islanders’ homes remained heated in a safe manner.”

Through collaborative efforts with partners like Northville Industries, Project Warmth continues to uphold its mission of providing vital assistance to families in need, contributing to the well-being of the community.