Message from the Mayor

Hempstead mayor asks residents to support humanitarian causes in Ukraine


As Americans, we are horrified by the atrocities that are taking place in Ukraine. As we enter the fourth week of this war, caused by Russian aggression, we are learning of the tragedies in real-time. It breaks the heart of us all to see our fellow people in Ukraine under attack, with many being killed, many more being injured, and now over three million Ukrainians displaced from their homes.

Hempstead residents are good-hearted people, who care deeply about their community, as well as other humanitarian causes. As this war rages on, I keep hearing residents asking, “what can I do?” or “how can I help Ukraine?”

While early on it was unclear how best to help Ukraine. Many reputable nonprofit organizations with Ukrainian ties have lent their support to escorting resources and donations to Ukraine. Additionally, American companies that provide goods and services to Ukraine are also stepping up to the plate. We are proud to offer these suggestions to generous Hempstead residents who are seeking help in this difficult time.

  • Voices of Children is an organization that supports children in the besieged nation, with psychological and psychosocial support amidst the armed conflict.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross, based in Switzerland, is helping the people of Ukraine by aiding the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross.
  • The International Medical Corps, a global non-profit, has been delivering humanitarian care to the frontline and boarders, absorbing over three million refugees.

Some American-owned corporations are also stepping up to the plate, such as PayPal, which has suspended fees sent to aid Ukraine. AirBnB is also waiving all booking fees in the country of Ukraine, as people in need of shelter can realize their services to seek refuge. Many others are doing their part, through ceasing doing business in Russia, such as Apple, Levi’s, and Ikea.

Additionally, news outlets have waived their paywall, allowing people in Russia and Ukraine to access vital information, free of Russian propaganda or disinformation, to remain informed.

As these tragic circumstances continue, we encourage the residents of Hempstead who feel so inclined to support the humanitarian effort of their choosing, as well as keep the people of Ukraine in their thoughts and prayers.