PHOTOS: ‘Everybody walk the dinosaur’

CSTL hosts 2nd annual Dinosaur Carnival


The Center for Science, Teaching and Learning, in Lakeview, was filled with excitement and wonder over the holiday break, as families from all across Long Island came out seeking an engaging and educational escape at the annual Dinosaur Carnival.

Its delightful fusion of entertainment and amazement, nestled within the picturesque Tanglewood Preserve — an 11-acre park and nature center — served as the perfect backdrop for this exploration through time.

Visitors of all ages and sizes took the opportunity to experience the world of these prehistoric marvels up close and personal, standing face-to-face with these towering behemoths that helped bring the Mesozoic era to life.

The awe-inspiring exhibit offered families a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bear witness to the grandeur of these extinct creatures through captivating life-sized animatronics that not only showcased the sheer scale of these ancient beings, but provided insight into their evolution and existence over time.

Beyond the exhibit, the six-day event offered a trove of dinosaur-themed activities for the youngsters, including games, face-paiting, balloon animals and much more.

In addition to the dinosaur-centric attractions, the CSTL provided visitors with opportunities to broaden their understanding of the animal kingdom. The live animals exhibit provided children with intimate encounters with a diverse number of creatures, many of which living in our own ecosystem right here on Long Island, including reptiles, bunnies, goats, owls, emus and more. Families marveled at the diversity of life surrounding us, helping foster a new appreciation for the wonder of the natural world.

The CSTL is a not-for-profit organization operated by a highly qualified staff comprised of scientists, certified teachers, former school administrators, skilled artists and craftsman, dedicated to incorporating STEM learning in a hands-on, experiential way.

The annual Dinosaur Carnival left an indelible mark, sparking curiosity and fostering a passion for learning by seamlessly combining entertainment and a newfound appreciation for dinosaurs, nature, and our ecosystem.

For those interested in experiencing the exhibit first-hand, the CSTL remains open as a year-round destination, inviting everyone to discover the wonders of science and the environment. To learn more about upcoming events and other educational opportunities, visit