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Oceanside High School showcases student films


Oceanside High School will roll out the red carpet on April 8 for its second annual student film festival. More than 40 short films created by elementary, middle and high school students will be screened before an audience of students, friends and family. The night will also feature an awards ceremony to honor the winning student films in a number of different categories, including an “Audience Choice” award.

Last year, Oceanside students and staff transformed OHS into a venue reminiscent of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, complete with a roped-off area for the stars and a “Walk of Fame” featuring the names of student filmmakers. Some students even dressed up as their favorite Hollywood stars, like Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana and Tom Cruise's Joel Goodsen from “Risky Business.”

But the true highlight of the night is the work produced by the students themselves: films ranging from suspense, mystery and silent movies to animations, commercials, and comedies. Several students participating this year also submitted films for the district's first film festival. “The level really upped this year,” said art teacher Audrey Miller. “Much more sophistication.”

Freshmen Zach Feldman and Taylor Rosenfield teamed up for “Hide and Go Seek,” a submission they describe as funny, dramatic and suspenseful, with an added supernatural element. As freshmen, neither student has taken OHS's video and filmmaking class yet, although they plan to next year. The two have taken technology and media at Oceanside Middle School, and already post their own videos to YouTube.

Other students used some of their favorite artists or films as inspiration. Junior Caleb Borstock created his own music video to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song “By the Way.” Caleb made use of mirrors and strobe lighting to create a fun, fast-paced film. He also interspersed footage of himself playing the bass with footage of puppets. Senior Dan Grote used Heath Ledger's performance in “The Dark Knight” as inspiration for this film “A Day in the Life of a Joker,” which he entered into the film festival as a comedy.

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