PHOTOS: Malverne, W.H. in awe of eclipse

Students soak up sun and shade in style


Where were you when the moon stepped into the spotlight? The students of Malverne and West Hempstead were checking out the celestial spectacle — safely, of course.

Last Monday’s total solar eclipse was the first to cross paths with New York in 99 years, and the next will be 55 years from now. Kindergarteners, seniors and teachers alike made sure to catch a glimpse of the once-in-a-generation event using NASA-approved solar eclipse glasses, which protected their retinas from the harmful sun rays.

Teachers took their classes outside so everyone could enjoy the celestial spectacle. Long Island viewers watched as the moon slowly covered up to 88 percent of the sun, creating a golden crescent of light and a sunset-like glow.

Eclipses are astronomy and physics at work; they have close ties to historical events and give us insight to ancient cultures’ understanding of the firmament; they’re used as motifs throughout literature and media. By witnessing the eclipse themselves, these students took another step on their journey as lifelong learners.