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Village of Rockville Centre signs with Covanta for sustainable garbage disposal


The Village of Rockville Centre has signed an agreement with Covanta, a world leader in sustainable waste and energy solutions.

The Village Department of Public Works oversees the disposal of an estimated 17,000 tons of garbage each year. Under the terms of the agreement, Covanta will handle the disposal of Rockville Centre’s municipal solid waste. The five-year agreement began April 1. In addition, Omni Recycling of Babylon will receive bulk and paper on Wednesdays, as well as metal, yard waste and recyclables on their respective days.

“With this new partnership, there will be changes to our current practices,” said Mayor Francis X. Murray. “We ask everyone to adhere to the new practices so we can take full advantage of this solution to waste management that preserves our valuable natural resources while generating clean energy.”

Mattresses, swing sets, bicycles, rolled carpets, furniture, construction and demolition debris, logs larger than two inches in diameter or four feet long will not be accepted in your municipal solid waste (MSW). Those items must be placed at the curb on Wednesdays for bulk pickup. Paints, solvents, batteries and tires can be disposed of through the Town of Hempstead’s S.T.O.P. Program at (516) 378-2200. All solid waste should be placed on the curb strip in watertight containers or sealed bags, not to exceed 32 gallons. Food waste, unrecyclable paper products, waxed cartons and packages, such as those used for beverages and frozen foods, plastic toys, utensils and tableware; discarded clothing are acceptable solid waste.

For a further information, please visit the village website at rvcny.gov.

Courtesy Village of Rockville Centre; compiled by Briana Bonfiglio.