Nassau's public transportation riders demand transit equity

Addressing challenges in Long Island's transit system. Rally for fair funding, pay, and services in Uniondale, Roosevelt, Hempstead, and Elmont

Jurassic Coliseum

Let the dinosaurs roar at Nassau Coliseum's Jurassic Quest, taking you on a thrilling time-traveling journey through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods

Uniondale high school students witness historic naturalization ceremony

Experience the emotional journey as Uniondale High School students witness 121 individuals become American citizens. Join the celebration, diversity, and civic pride

Uniondale welcomes the best basketball players in the country

Uniondale hosts the legendary Bob McKillop Invitational, featuring top-ranked Duke Commit Cooper Flagg, who shined in Long Island's Premier Basketball Event as history unfolded on Long Island's iconic court

State Supreme court deals another blow to Sands' plans for Nassau hub in Uniondale

In a significant setback for the Las Vegas Sands' ambitious plans to develop a multi-billion dollar resort and casino around the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, a state judge has declared that the company lacks a valid lease for the Coliseum and its surrounding land.


Let’s be sure we don’t relive some of our history

Black History Month is a chance for us to celebrate the many contributions African-Americans have made to the country. They’ve done this despite discrimination and oppression — something even Long Island, in the past, was not immune to.


It’s time we find common ground on ‘Raise the Age’

Long Island has become the center of New York’s — and the nation’s — political conversation. In recent elections, state and local policies have had an enormous influence on Nassau and Suffolk County campaigns that ultimately played a decisive role in determining control of Congress.


Before Nassau throws a party, let’s serve most vulnerable

The practitioners who deliver physical, speech and occupational therapy services to babies and toddlers under age 3 with disabilities and developmental delays have not gotten a raise from Nassau County in nearly three decades. As homelessness continues to grow, Nassau has slashed its funding for the Department of Social Services, and its Homeless Intervention Team has been disbanded. Yet before dealing with these issues, the county sank $10 million of federal pandemic recovery aid into its 125th-anniversary plans.


Writing climate change into the K-12 curriculum

We are living in the midst of a climate emergency, with the expectation that conditions will significantly worsen in the near future. In January, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that 2023 was the hottest year ever recorded. In New York state, climate change is impacting the environment, society and the economy as extreme weather events increase in frequency and intensity. Floods are more frequent, and the growing season for crops is changing. Climate disasters have cost the northeastern United States over $80 billion since 1980.