Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


The Hive Market and Gallery celebrated its inaugural art exhibition on May 11 with a show titled “MAGALI: A Creative Journey Through Colors and Animals.” The show features the vibrant and imaginative artwork of local artist Magali Modoux, known for her colorful and exotic depictions of exotic animals and landscapes.

The Hive’s new gallery is a dynamic new addition to Oyster Bay’s cultural scene. Dedicated to showcasing both emerging and established artists from Nassau and Suffolk counties, the gallery aims to foster creativity, community engagement and artistic exploration.
Laura Escobar, co-owner of the Hive, said she had wanted to expand the Hive Market into a gallery space for some time as a way to promote local artists. After meeting Modoux a year ago at a family paint night at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary, she knew she would be the perfect artist to kick off the gallery’s first art exhibition.

“When we decided that we were going to evolve and become the Oyster Bay Hive Market and Gallery, we wanted to host gallery style events to share the work of local artists,” Escobar said. “She was the first person I thought of.”

Modoux, originally from Switzerland, has drawn inspiration from native and folk art, much like renowned artists Henri Rousseau and Henry Darger. Her works are rich with lush jungles, enchanting wildlife, and evocative abstract compositions, reflecting her extensive global travels and childhood influences.

“I have always been fascinated by animals and colors,” Modoux said. “The more exotic, the more it attracts me.”

Modoux’s journey to her first solo exhibition is as unique as her art. Possessing a Ph.D. in political science, she turned to painting more seriously during the pandemic.

“Everyone kept telling me my art was great, and I should do something with it,” Modoux said. “So, I began painting more, and eventually, participating in local markets.”

The Hive’s exhibition showcases various pieces organized into thematic sections like Asia, Africa, and Amazonia. This structure allows visitors to embark on a visual journey across different continents, each represented through Modoux’s colorful and detailed works.

“I’ve always been interested in animals. They appeal to me,” Modoux said. “The more exotic it is, the more it attracts me.”

Escobar emphasized the gallery’s commitment to fostering local talent and creating a vibrant cultural hub in downtown Oyster Bay.

“We want to be known as a gallery that champions local artists and brings high-quality, diverse art to our community,” she said.

The exhibition runs until the end of June, with free admission. The Hive Market and Gallery, 100-102 Audrey Ave., in Oyster Bay is open Wednesday through Sunday. For more information about upcoming events, visit or contact