Malverne raises money for Officer Diller's widow and infant

Jonathan Diller, the 31-year-old New York City police officer who was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Far Rockaway on March 25, leaves behind his wife, Stephanie (née McAuley), and …

Photos! These Easter hunts were an 'eggcellent' time

Malverne and Lakeview were awash in pastels as the communities 'hopped to' festive Easter egg hunts.

LICC food pantry seeks new space

The Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne has coordinated food drives with the LICC — but that might soon come to an end as the the food pantry nears the end of its lease.

Lisa Ortiz jumps into politics with Assembly run

It’s her first time running for office, but Lisa Ortiz is confident she can give the community a voice if elected to Taylor Darling's Assembly seat.

Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick proposes dismemberment bill

A group of teenagers was walking home from school on Feb. 29 when they found a human arm in Southards Park, in Babylon. A police investigation revealed that a man and a woman had been dismembered, …


Finding our side of paradise

As a member of Gen Z, I know as well as anyone how the world views people my age.


The state budget: lots of dollars, little sense

Nearly three weeks late, the $237 billion state budget presents a mix of positives and negatives. While it’s easy to find initiatives to support in such a large spending plan, inexplicably, there are areas where it falls short.


Celebrating N.Y.’s investment in local journalism

Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state legislature delivered a beacon of hope for our communities by including in the state budget a groundbreaking initiative to support local news organizations in the form of a tax credit.


We must secure our borders, reform immigration now

The Senate's promising bipartisan border deal was dismissed as "disastrous."