A call for one water system for Long Island

For the past two summers, New York American Water customers on the north and south shores have been incensed by their rapidly rising water bills. On Aug. 14, a report by the Farmingdale-based advocacy group Citizens Campaign for the Environment confirmed what they already knew . . .


Be prepared for the next Big One

In the movie “Jaws,” Amity Mayor Larry Vaughn said, “You yell ‘Barracuda!’ and everyone says, ‘Huh?’ You yell ‘Shark!’ and we’ve got a panic on our hands.” The same could be said of hurricanes.


How do we keep young people on Long Island?

We are at a turning point on Long Island. The lasting impacts of the Great Recession and the student debt crisis are exacerbating the trend of young people struggling here and ultimately fleeing the area.

Scott Brinton

The gritty beauty of the organic farm

I remember hiking in 90-degree heat on a dusty but paved road, past fields of fruit trees and vegetable plants. Suddenly, my father-in-law pointed and said in Bulgarian that we should turn into a thicket.