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Henry's Celebrates 90 years in Glen Cove


While businesses come and go in Glen Cove’s downtown area, Henry’s has stood as a staple in the community, celebrating its 90th year anniversary with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Sept. 25.

Originally run by the Wolke family since 1929, Henry’s was passed on to Joseph Valensisi and Joseph Capobianco in 2000. Valensisi said that Glen Cove has always been supportive of the store, which continues to sport the same soda-fountain look and atmosphere that it had when it first opened up. He credits the classic look of the restaurant, along with its timeless menu, as part of why it’s been so successful in the city.

“I don’t think you can get an egg cream anywhere else on Long Island,” Valensisi said. “And the seniors who come here are always sharing stories about the history here.”

Carol Nelson remembered the days when she and her friends would cheer on the Glen Cove High School basketball team and then head out to Henry’s Confectionery over on Glen Street during the 1950s. Nelson said that because Henry’s stayed opened a little later than most stores and held an inviting atmosphere, nearly everyone in town would flock there to enjoy sodas, baked treats and music from the old jukebox in the corner.

“We all wanted to hang out there,” Nelson said. “If you look at the photos they have up there now, you’ll see just how crowded it used to be.”