Kathleen Deyo brings a splash of color to the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library


In a quiet corner of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library, the artwork of Kathleen Deyo, a Setauket-based artist, has found its place. The exhibit, which will grace the library’s walls from early November to mid-December, showcases Deyo’s unique talent and diverse artistic style.

Deyo’s journey into the world of art began as a muralist, honing her skills in various styles and mainly working with individual clients who commissioned work directly from her. In recent years, Deyo said she found libraries offered a different space where people might not come to buy art, but the atmosphere was ideal for appreciating it.

Approaching the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library in East Setauket, she secured an exhibit for January and conducted successful programs, leading to further opportunities last February. Encouraged by this success, Deyo began randomly emailing other libraries, stumbling upon the charming hamlet of Oyster Bay. She said that to her delight, the library staff welcomed her, providing an ideal space for her artwork.

“The people at the library were very pleasant,” Deyo said. “I was tickled pink with the whole thing.”

The exhibit featured a carefully selected collection of Deyo’s paintings, ranging from nature scenes to Chinese brushwork with figures. She explained that she believes art should express the beauty in the world. The exhibit includes a mix of black and white paintings and color pieces, creating a balanced visual experience.

Deyo mentioned some of her favorite pieces, including the painting “Crows Get Messages from Rain,” have already garnered attention and admiration from visitors.

Deyo shared her belief that artistic ability is a channeling of higher energy from a divine source. While her religious background varied from Presbyterian to currently Roman Catholic, she emphasized the universal nature of this creative process, extending beyond the confines of any particular church.

“I think there are a lot of ways to find God, and it isn’t so much about what religion I am,” Deyo said. “I think, no matter what, if anyone has a belief in a higher power, then whether you’re a composer playing the piano or a poet or a doctor doing surgery, they are truly channeling a much higher energy than any of have on our own. That’s what I believe I do with my art.”

The story of this Setauket artist finding a welcoming space in Oyster Bay adds another chapter to the ever-evolving narrative of Long Island’s vibrant art scene.

The exhibit is up from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15. For more information on Deyo and her artwork, visit KathleenDeyo.art, and to contact her about commissions reach out to kathleendeyo.art@gmail.com. For more information on the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library and its programs, go to oysterbaylibrary.org.