Dan's Pet Care, providing peace of mind for pet parents


Dan’s Pet Care, a new cage-free boarding facility that just opened its doors to the Glen Cove community, celebrating on Saturday with a ribbon- cutting ceremony.

Unlike most boarding facilities, at Dan’s, dogs are kept in large indoor playfields based on their size, age, and temperament. And all dogs must pass a comprehensive temperament test in order to board to ensure the safety of the animals as well as the staff, Dan Reitman, founder and the CEO, explained.

“When they are boarding with us, they get to enjoy the freedom of the playfield throughout the day,” he said, “and at night, we provide them with a wide array of beds that they can pick from.”

The dogs also enjoy grooming treatments and supervised playtime in the facility’s outdoor play area. At Dan’s team members remain with the dogs at all times to prioritize their care.

“We find that this serves to greatly reduce the anxiety of boarding for most dogs,” Reitman said, “plus they get lots of extra TLC from our team members.”

Along with their cage-free boarding, Dan’s also offers daycare services and training programs led by experienced team members.

“My program is based in positive reinforcement,” Stephanie Weinberg, manager and lead trainer, explained. “We start with the human behavior first, teaching primarily how to work in a way from an animal’s perspective first, and working on the relationship from the beginning in trust-building, understanding, and confidence building not just for the dog but also the owner.”

Reitman began his company back in 2009 and it slowly grew but then the coronavirus pandemic stalled his progress. Since then, he’s built the company back up and continued to expand it.

The company currently has over 3,500 clients, a growing team of over 80 staff members, and a service area in Brooklyn and Queens. They offer dog walking services, in-house training programs, and other options for pet owners.

This is Reitman’s first storefront on Long Island.

Nick and Kathy Carras are longtime customers of Dan’s. Staff members walk their golden retriever, Grace, twice a day to make sure she’s comfortable when her owners are not at home.

“They helped raise Grace,” Kathy said. “She was a puppy when we got her, and they were in our house for four to six hours a day while we were at work.”

“They are our lifeline,” Nick added.

Customers, friends and neighbors all came together to celebrate the facility’s opening at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“I honestly can’t believe it’s finally here,” Alex Reitman, Dan’s wife, said. “It just feels like such a weight has been lifted, and I’m so excited to see it happen.”

Reitman plans to push into New Jersey and Connecticut and eventually open facilities across the country. He and his team are passionate about changing the dog boarding industry from within and setting new industry standards.

“Safety is our number one priority, always has been and always will be,” Reitman said. “I put my name on this business because I stand by what we do, and that is to provide peace of mind to pet parents. I love what I do and I love that I get to share that with our incredible team and the amazing pet parents we work with every day.”